Our Story

At Brambe, our expertise lies in crafting diverse, eco-conscious products. From homewares to trophies and furniture, our unwavering focus is on craftsmanship and sustainability

 Each creation is meticulously handcrafted using eco-friendly materials, such as Jesmonite, and design technologies like 3D printing aid in creating intricate and unique pieces. We prioritize upcycling, transforming discarded plastics and used coffee grounds into impactful pieces, showcasing our commitment to environmental responsibility. 

 As we progress, our focus intensifies on actively exploring alternative eco-materials and waste streams as potential raw materials. 

 Join us in our journey towards eco-conscious design and responsible production!

Mapping our Journey

Meet the Team


Bernie Ang


Our design virtuoso. With a formal background as an architectural designer in a luxury firm handling global projects, Bernie brings a wealth of experience in designing at an architectural scale. At Brambe, Bernie showcases exceptional product design skills, infusing each creation with architectural finesse and a unique touch.

Amanda Tay


A nature lover by day with a background in environmental studies. Her experiences lies in corporate sustainability and carbon accounting. Amanda's passion for the arts shines through in the purposeful creations at Brambe. She plays a pivotal role in leading our handcrafted production, ensuring that each piece reflects our commitment to sustainability and innovation.