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Brambe SG

Winter Gingko Leaf Tray

Winter Gingko Leaf Tray

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Did you know Ginkgo trees are incredibly strong? They even survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb!

Featuring a three-tone marbling of a warm blue and lavender, this Gingko tray is perfect for laying your most used items and yet adding an accent of nature.

Made with eco-friendly Jesmonite and upcycled coffee grounds that were collected and processed manually.


13.0 x 17.5 x 0.5 cm (180 g)


Avoid scrubbing or harsh cleaning products. Wipe with damp cloth.


As every piece is thoughtfully handcrafted, minor details and blemishes may exist. Each piece is unique and will differ slightly in terms of colour hues, marbling and terrazzo composition.

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