About Us

Brambe is the love-child of an architect and an environmentalist. Both had a keen interest in either topics and this led them to explore the potentials of integrating sustainability and design. Brambe was thus born with the vision of redefining future homewares to be eco-friendly and uniquely designed.

Timeless  Handcrafted
Second chances do exist. We would love to give any of your broken pieces a new life! Locally handcrafted without machinery use. 
Earth-Lover Bespoke
Sustainability is a big part of our ethos. We practice responsible production through upcycling waste, minimal production materials and a cradle-to-cradle approach. Be the designer of your piece where we offer bespoke customisation services tailored to you!


Our Ecosystem

Be in the know of our processes:

  • Wastes collected from families, friends and workplace are processed.
  • Wastes are incorporated into Jesmonite to be casted into moulds.
  • Any excess Jesmonite-Waste materials are either (i) used to create terrazzo flakes or (ii) casted into a separate mould.
  • The terrazzo flakes may be reincorporated as inputs for future production, creating a cyclical flow of materials.